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How to Develop an Exceptional Customer Support System on Social Media

This post first appeared on LinkedIn Today In this fast paced world where the customer powered by smartphones have all the power to express and share anything in his palms, the negative things or disappointments with the brands can quickly spread across ...
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Social Media for Startups

6 Things Start-ups Need to Know for Success on Social Media

This post first appeared on LinkedIn Today Yes, it’s really very difficult to take decisions when you are experimenting with something new and that too with social media the decision becomes even difficult. And on top of that When you are a start-up, ...
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Social Media ROI

Understanding Social Media ROI

This post first appeared on LinkedIn Today Measuring ROI from social media is in fact a marketers nightmare and as social media has passed the ‘evolution’ phase, more and more clients are looking for and asking agencies to show some real impact ...
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social media

How to keep yourself updated with your industry/sector [special reference to social media]

We are living in times where things change frequently and information/knowledge generation is happening at a pace where it is next to impossible to keep yourself updated. But in this competitive world as a professional of any sector it is really very ...
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Untravel IR

Adventurous Me and ‘ Bombay to SWM’ with Indian Railways

In certain things, I prefer spontaneous decisions than the planned things. And in travel/trip related ones I have observed they have done an awesome job in satisfying my hunger for adventure very well. So here is an ‘untravel’ (the credit ...
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A Tribute to BigB on his 70th B’day

I just tried to pay tribute to my all time favorite star and the ‘Star of the Millenium’ , on his 70th birthday by putting together the best dialogues from his movies. Check out and share if you like it. Also do suggest any more to add in ...
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Aaj To Coca-Cola Bik Rahi Hai!

This post is a proof that the Police Department of India is also innovative and manage things in its own special ways. Here is an incident which actually happened with a friend of mine a couple of years ago. One fine day, this friend of mine was driving ...
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When luxury got a social facelift

Hospitality was not among the sectors which were early adopters of social media but now it’s become an integral part of their marketing and other activities, and more importantly for the online reputation management and customer relationships. Previously, ...
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think people

Think People

The inspiration for this post actually came from an internal team session taken by Prerna Natani. Every alternate Saturday we do ‘story telling’ sessions and this one started by a question – what are you crazy for? Though this session ...
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Social media backfire

When social media backfires

Brands really need to understand that social media isn’t any more something which can be taken care of by hiring an intern. They need to take it seriously and need specialists to handle this otherwise instead of doing ‘wonders’, it can ...
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