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Why You Should Travel

OK, I accept, the title of this post should have been – Why I Travel. But I believe that this will resonate with all of you (most of you for sure, if not all). Actually there ...
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Festival of Million Foreflies

My Wishlist of Unique Travel Experiences (India) – Part 1

There is probably none among us who doesn’t get excited when hear the word vacation or travel. And it is obvious as travel means fun, memories, adventure and so on.  Travel ...
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Why People travel?

Every human on this planet is a traveler at heart, and travelling is the most common hobby among the people across the world. Have you ever asked yourself a question – why I travel? ...
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From visiting destinations to experiencing places – a paradigm shift

There used to be a time when one used to think about travel, the whole idea used to revolve around nature, beaches, historical monuments etc. But over the time with the rise of ‘Generation ...
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How to Develop an Exceptional Customer Support System on Social Media

This post first appeared on LinkedIn Today In this fast paced world where the customer powered by smartphones have all the power to express and share anything in his palms, the negative ...
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Social Media for Startups

6 Things Start-ups Need to Know for Success on Social Media

This post first appeared on LinkedIn Today Yes, it’s really very difficult to take decisions when you are experimenting with something new and that too with social media the decision ...
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