Every human on this planet is a traveler at heart, and travelling is the most common hobby among the people across the world. Have you ever asked yourself a question – why I travel? If you look for answers, from top of your mind you will get various answers such as:

  • Seeing new places:
  • Meeting new people
  • Eating different food
  • Knowing new cultures and traditions
  • For some adventure
  • Learning new things
  • Bursting stress of life

…and so on.

All these reasons are right, but let’s take a step back and try to delve deeper into this. The real reasons for travelling can be tied down with the following two:

  • Breaking Monotony: The biggest and most simplest thing travel do to us is, it helps us breaking the monotony of life. Humans have tendency to get bored if the life gets rhythmic, and feels tied. As being a freedom liking being, we try to break the monotony, and travel gives us the sense of freedom, by breaking the rhythm and monotony in life.
  • Satisfying Curiosity: Humans are curious beings. It has never ending appetite for leaning new things, knowing more about the universe and things around us. Apart from various other means of satisfying the curiosity, travel is the best one as with fulfilling curiosity, it’s enriching too.

The idea of travelling is so deeply ingrained in our conscious that it is almost impossible not to travel. And thus it is very rightly said: “We travel not to escape life, but for life to escape us” ~Anonymous

If you have more to add to it, please do share in comments.